Cruise Ships With Casino

Today, cruise ships are incredibly massive platforms – entire cities on the water with all the necessary conditions for recreation and entertainment. And all casinos have casinos. In such establishments, players try their luck and have fun. More about the features of the casinos based on the maritime transport further in the article.

Casinos on Ships: What Are Their Main Characteristics?

Gambling began to organize on ships back in the days when there were no airplanes, and it was possible to cross the ocean only with the help of ships. Then such a vacation could afford only rich people. Through the active development of the cruise industry today, cruise travel has become available to people with different incomes.

The popularity of cruises and high demand for gambling led to the fact that at present, the casino is open not only on huge passenger ships, but also on smaller ships – yachts and even sailing boats.

Ruby Princes

Modern gambling establishments based on sea transport, in many respects similar to land-based casinos. There are a variety of gambling games and comfortable conditions for spending time. In terms of service gambling platforms on ships are also not inferior to land-based. Despite this, such casinos have several features.

Gambling Establishments on Ships Pay Less Taxes

By locating gambling establishments on ships, entrepreneurs save themselves from high taxes, which gambling business is taxed in many countries. When a ship is in neutral waters, it is subject to the state’s laws whose flag it flies. Many liners are registered in offshore zones, such as Bermuda. The casino closes when a ship arrives in a port where gambling is prohibited or regulated by local laws. This allows entrepreneurs to avoid fines.

The Range of Gambling Depends on the Passengers’ Preferences

The available list of games offered by casinos depends on the preferences of tourists and may differ from one route to another. For example, Americans like to play poker and craps, while Asians like to play baccarat. Taking into account the tastes of its passengers, casinos form an assortment of available games. That’s why it often happens that there are fewer gaming tables on the ships than the entertainment presented. This is because casinos allow gamblers themselves to determine which games they prefer.

Accessibility of Gambling for Tourists

From the countries where gambling is forbidden.

There are countries where gambling is prohibited by law. One of them is China. Despite the restrictions, this kind of entertainment is popular among the locals. So for many Chinese, a trip on a cruise ship is an excellent opportunity to visit a gambling establishment. Cruise operators take this into account and give Chinese tourists this chance. However, when the ship is in Chinese waters, the casino closes and stops accepting customers.

In the future, some companies are planning to sail liners, whose passengers can only be citizens of China.

Top 3 Cruise Ships With Casinos

Today, gambling establishments operate on ships of different sizes and classes. We suggest you get acquainted with the three most famous and sought-after of them.

Ruby Princess

This cruise ship was built in 2008. It is 290 meters long and has 1530 cabins that can accommodate a total of 3,672 passengers. During the voyage, the ship makes stops at ports in Canada, USA, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, etc.

The liner has restaurants, bars, swimming pool, conference hall, sports complex, beauty salon, tennis court, library, cinema, church, spa, nightclub and of course the Gatsby’s casino. The gambling establishment features a wide selection of slot machines, including progressive jackpots and poker and other table games.

Queen Mary 2

This is an ocean liner that has been plowing the seas since 2004. It reaches 345 meters in length and has 1296 cabins. Overall, it can hold over 3,000 passengers. The ship makes an annual voyage from Southampton to New York.

The ship is equipped with the Empire Casino. Among the available gambling attractions are slot machines, roulette and card games.

There are restaurants, bars, galleries, bookstores, spas, nightclubs, planetariums, ballrooms, theatres.

Crystal Serenity

The liner was built in 2003. Its length is 250 meters, and its width is 32.2 meters. The ship can accommodate 1072 passengers.

Onboard the ship is located Crystal Casino. The range of gambling games includes roulette, craps, baccarat, blackjack, Texas Hold’em, and slot machines. In addition, the liner has swimming pools, restaurants, cafes, bars, stores, a fitness center, a bathhouse, a movie theatre, and other places for recreation and entertainment.