How Much Do Casino Croupiers Earn?

In this article, suppose you want to become a member of the casino team and learn the profession of a dealer. In that case, we will tell you who a dealer is, his credentials, and the salaries of a dealer in Canada and the United States.

Casino dealers are a common profession all over the world. Dealers conduct casino games of chance, such as craps, blackjack, or roulette. Dealers deal the cards, announce each player’s moves, determine the winners, and pay the best. They also help players learn the rules of the table, keep track of their chips, and check their cards.

Many people are under the impression that dealers make fabulous money. After all, the annual turnover of casinos is estimated in the millions of dollars. However, this is not true – in some casinos, the hourly rate of the dealer starts at just $7. Nevertheless, the job of a dealer is promising because the experience allows you to earn times more.

Casino Dealer

The salary of the dealer affects several factors. For example, the education of the dealer varies from country to country: somewhere you can get a job after college or high school. But the higher-level casinos will require a diploma in special education. So, the casino’s location also significantly impacts the number of wages.

We will tell you about the peculiarities of work and salaries of dealers in different countries.


The average salary for a casino dealer in Canada is $35,295 per year or $18.10 per hour. At the same time, that figure can range from $25,000 to $50,000. A rookie dealer with 1 to 3 years of experience can qualify for a rate starting at $24,000 per year. More experienced candidates can also earn up to $40,268 a year.

The average full-time hourly rate in 2020 for customer service and personal service employees, including casino jobs, is $20.55. The corresponding average weekly wage for 2020 is $560, giving an approximate annual salary of $29,100 for this employment group.

The highest hourly wage in Montreal is $25 per hour, and the lowest average salary is in Saskatoon/Biggar – Saskatchewan at $15.95 per hour.


The average annual salary for a casino dealer in Las Vegas is $38,503 a year. That said, the hourly rate ranges from $18.51 per hour. This is equivalent to $740 per week or $3,209 per month. The rate varies from state to state, and in peripheral cities, the dealer rate starts at $7 an hour.

Most casino dealer salaries currently range from $30,244 to $48,201. The most experienced dealers can make $57,652 a year in Vegas.

The starting rate for an inexperienced dealer in the United States averages $17,957. That said, the job market for casino positions in the States is active and offers many opportunities for advancement and salary increases. In addition to the higher or specialized education requirement, salaries depend on skill level, casino location, and experience.